UF Health Shands
UF Health Shands Hospital

Here at UF, there are many things that set us apart from other programs, but the most important are the people. Our world-class training and exposure to psychopathology is only strengthened by the co-residents and faculty who work alongside us daily. We greatly value camaraderie and are heavily invested in recruitment. Although work-hard, play-hard attitudes may be common in psychiatry, you will find no closer group of colleagues than here at UF. It is not uncommon to have four-class representation at our after-work outings.

Malcom Randall VA Medical Center
Malcom Randall VA Medical Center

We are lucky to have both University and VA hospitals to train at. UF Health Shands Hospital and Malcom Randall VA Medical Center are beacons of the area, attracting patients from all over Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. This provides an even more comprehensive experience that prepares us for work all over the nation. Our alumni are spread throughout the U.S.; a testament to our strength.

We do not take our successes for granted. Our leadership is receptive and responsive. Problems are identified quickly and often corrected within the month. It is easy to provide feedback because we are supported from the top down. Our faculty are not just great physicians, they are also committed educators mindful of resident balance.