Program Descriptions

COVID-19 Recruitment Update: Per the recommendations of the AAMC and our sponsoring institution, all resident interviews for the 2020-2021 recruitment cycle will be virtual. Please refer back for the most updated information.

Our program’s greatest strength is the people—residents, faculty, and staff alike. Genuineness, dedication, and hospitality form the basis of a learning environment with unique camaraderie.

Ours is a comprehensive academic training program in general psychiatry with ample opportunities to learn about and experience subspecialty areas such as addictions, child and adolescent, forensic, and geriatric psychiatry. Utilizing a multimodal approach, the program provides equal emphasis on psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and more cutting edge neuromodulation treatments. From the patient population to the training venues, we offer a diverse clinical exposure spanning from a university and VA hospital setting to ambulatory, emergency, consult-liaison, community, forensic, and state hospital sites.

Our graduates are highly sought after, as the training prepares them for just about any career path, from private and community practice to academics. A real sense of team and collaboration permeates everything that we do. Our faculty are approachable, accessible, and active in the learning environment. While there is appropriate respect for experience, expertise, and authority, trainees operate on a fairly level playing field where the leadership/administration, faculty, and residents work together to solve problems. With significant emphasis on patient safety and quality improvement, the program offers a wide variety of opportunities for mentored scholarly activity. Work/life counterbalance is key to our success. Leadership training, development, and wellness initiatives for faculty and residents are critical elements.

Ultimately, our goal is to graduate psychiatrists who are compassionate, competent, and intellectually curious, dedicated to a path of lifelong learning and discovery.