MDU 4061 – Medical Bioethics

Offered: Summer 2021 (Class # 12051) Fall 2021 (Class # 16888)

Credits: 3


  • MDU 4003 Introduction to the Profession of  Medicine.
  • If you have not taken MDU 4003, please contact Tannaz MirHosseini

Syllabus: MDU4061_Spring_2019

Professor: Uma Suryadevara, M.D. – Associate Professor; Department of Psychiatry

Course Coordinator: Tannaz MirHosseini 

Registration: Log into ISIS [Listed under MEDICINE-GENERAL in undergraduate catalog]

Contact: Tannaz MirHosseini  –


This course provides an intensive review of the dynamic field of bioethics in the areas of medical practice and research. This course covers the biomedical ethical issues facing our nation and world and conveys the importance of integrated and collaborative research and professionalism that one can expect to encounter within the health care and scientific communities.


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Outline principles of bioethical decision making
  • Describe the principles of informed consent
  • Discuss how bioethics impacts medicine and other health care professions