APA 2018
Poster presentations at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting

The UF psychiatry residency is a four year program that emphasizes clinical care and expertise. Our collaborative approach at UF systematically incentivizes residents to rely on each other, grow as a team, and receive constructive feedback along the way. Our program initiates general psychiatric education that evolves into more specialized care.

The first two years focus on inpatient care as well as consult‐liaison responsibilities. You get to work with attendings who specialize in various different fields that will appeal to the resident’s interest. The Malcom‐Randal VA hospital includes four specialized inpatient units including Green Team Geriatric, Yellow Team Substance Use Disorders, Blue Team Primary Mood Disorders, and Red Team Psychoses. The VA also has a thriving consult‐liaison service helping medical teams with complex psychiatric decision making. Shands inpatient psychiatric hospital also has three specialized clinical care units including geriatrics, a mood disorder unit, and psychosis unit. UF Health Shands hospital has a consult‐liaison team as well as psychiatric-medical unit for medically ill psychiatric patients with rare and complex findings including catatonia.

The third year focuses primarily on outpatient psychiatry that emphasizes education, therapy, and continuity of care. The program fosters and supports resident interest via funding for conferences nationwide and a generous book stipend. Presentations and research are encouraged with faculty backing.

As a fourth year, you have many options to take on roles as program leaders. You can develop your niche and interest via many electives. The program offers skill based training and certification with ECT and TMS. Our program emphasizes compassionate, patient centered care. We prepare you to work with families of patients with mental illness as well as the various psychosocial problems that can affect such patients and families.