Fellows Call Schedule

Fellows take call throughout the year, for both years, in weekday blocks and weekend blocks. On average, a junior fellow takes call on 7 weekday blocks and 7 weekend blocks per year, while a senior fellow takes 6 and 6 respectively.  On average, every fellow takes call during one major holiday each academic year. The call schedule is published at the beginning of the academic year to allow for sufficient time for planning and forewarning. An on-call faculty member is assigned to supervise the fellow via telephone as needed and is available for the fellow at all times.

The on call fellow is responsible for our Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient unit only. Weekday blocks are Mondays through Thursdays from 5:30PM to 11 PM. These are taken from home. Fellows are responsible for accepting patients and electronically entering admission orders as well as being available to nurses for urgent concerns on the unit.  Occasionally, they may have to go to the psychiatric hospital in person to respond to emergencies (such as a physical restraint, which our hospital strives to minimize as part of its Trauma-Informed Care model). Fellows do not have any on-call responsibilities after 11 PM on weekdays.

Weekend blocks are from 5:30PM on Fridays through 11PM on Sundays. Weekend call includes all the duties of weekday blocks and is taken from home as well, except that the fellow is also responsible for coming in to do H&Ps Saturday and Sunday mornings until 12PM if needed.