MDU 4003 – Introduction to the Professions of Medicine

Offered: Spring 2021 (Class # 17342)
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: None
Syllabus: Will be posted soon
Professor: Kishan Nallapula, M.D.
Class Assistant: Taylor Greene
Registration: Log into ISIS [Course listed under MEDICINE-GENERAL in undergrad catalog]
 Contact: Taylor Greene, Academic Assistant II –


MDU 4003 is the perfect class for pre-medicine students who want to learn more about the various fields in medicine. Each week, this online class has a guest lecture and articles related to various careers as a doctor, such as family medicine, psychiatry, surgery, etc. This class also serves as a pre-requisite for MDU 4004, which allows you to get hands-on experience shadowing a doctor in one of these fields.

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To start course: This course is now offered in Canvas. In order to access this course, please go to and click “e-learning in Canvas.” Please log in with your Gatorlink and password. Your courses should be listed on the top of the screen when you click on “Courses.”

Comments from Past Students

“MEL4011 introduced me to the real life of doctors and what each specialty is about.”

“This course has immensely broadened my view of the world of medicine.”

“This course confirmed that my passion definitely is in Medicine.”

“After taking MEL4011 I feel I have an incredible advantage when I am doing medical school interviews.”

“I liked interacting with other students and voicing my own opinion. At times I questioned my own beliefs.”

“I was forced to consider things I had never pondered previously.”

“I feel that the website was set up very well, much better than other online courses.”