The Department of Psychiatry facilities that are most relevant to the postdocs are all walking distance from one another. Free and convenient parking is available for patients and staff.

UF Health Springhill

UF Health Springhill 2
UF Health Springhill 2

The UF Health Springhill Practices encompasses two buildings and is home to the Division of Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry, Allergy, Cardiology, Dermatology, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and the Women’s Center. Additionally, these buildings house outpatient radiology/imaging, a pharmacy, a lab, and a café. 

The Division of Psychology is co-located with the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and, between our two divisions, we take up the majority of the 3rd floor in the second building. Opened in August 2018, the faculty of the Division of Psychology were consulted when his building was constructed, offering some unique amenities.

Patient Populations:

Serving a large catchment area, the majority of our patients live in North Central Florida including Alachua and surrounding counties. Our specialty programs frequently draw individuals from across the state, Georgia, and even the odd international patient. Postdocs will see patients with private insurance who are referred by a UF provider or community provider. We also accept self-referrals for our specialty programs. The youngest patients we serve are 2.5 years old and there is no upper age limit.


  • Specialty Services: Including the OCD Program, PCIT Program, Neurodivergence-Affirming Specialty Therapy, and Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Assessment Program.
  • General Psychology Clinic: The inclusion criteria for the general clinic is broad. The patient populations that are not treated here include individuals with primary substance use disorders, unmanaged or undermanaged psychotic symptoms, Autism Spectrum Disorders who are better served by ABA, or those who at are medical risk due to an eating disorder or other severe mental illness.
  • Group Therapy: Including DBT, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Skills for Hoarding Disorder, CBT for Social Anxiety, and Therapeutic Horticulture.

Post-doctoral services offered at Springhill 2 Outpatient Clinic

  • Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Assessment across the general and specialty clinics.

Hours of Operation:  

The building is open from 7:30 am to 6pm. Patients are scheduled in one-hour blocks starting between 8:00am and 4:00pm. Postdocs, Psychology interns, and RMHIs have afterhours access if needed. Trainees are not allowed to be in the building with a patient without a clinical supervisor present on-site.


  • Private Office Space: Postdocs, Psychology Interns, and RMHIs are provided with private offices with all necessities for providing therapy including dual monitors, electronic health system access, webcams, printing capabilities, small sofas, and dimmable lights. Sit-stand desks can be ordered by request. Trainees are encouraged to decorate or personalize their offices as they like.
  • PCIT suites: We have two suites specifically designed for PCIT with observation rooms and bug-in-the-ear equipment. Each suite has a back-up-room that was designed to allow discrete observation from both the therapy room and the observation room.
  • ERP Kitchenette and Bathroom: In order to facilitate generalization of Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) skills to the home environments, we have both a functional kitchenette and bathroom for exposures. This insures that providers have both the privacy and stimuli needed to design applicable exposures.
  • Group Rooms: We have a group therapy room that fits about 10-12 individuals and has audio-visual equipment.
  • General Therapy Rooms: There are several general-purpose therapy rooms that are available on a first-come first serve basis. These are primarily used by our graduate students.
  • One-way Mirrors: Including the PCIT suites, there are four rooms with one-way mirrors, allowing for direct supervision.  
  • Toys and Exposure Props: There are variety of toys and games available for PCIT, exposure therapy, or rapport building. We have too many exposure aids to name here. If your patient would benefit from something we do not already own, we can often source it for you.
  • Medical Suite: We have one exam room with materials for blood draws available. This room is most frequently used for research purposes or for medically based phobias.

Clerical Support: 

Our friendly front desk staff keeps our clinic running smoothly. They take care of scheduling new and follow-up appointments, managing all cancellations and rebookings, checking patients in/out, verifying insurance, and collecting payments. 

Technical Support: 

Technical support is provided by the College of Medicine IT department, and is available by phone and remote access.

Supervision offered at Springhill 2 Outpatient Clinic: 

Indirect supervision via individual, group, and specialty case conferences, as well as direct supervision via co-therapy, one-way mirrors, or recording. A psychologist/faculty member is on site at all times to provide ad hoc supervision, assist with safety assessments, or initiate an involuntary commitment in the rare event it is needed.

Involvement of Training Director: 

The Postdoctoral Training Director is on-site. The training director will incorporate feedback from faculty supervisors for evaluations that are reviewed with the postdoc.

UF Health Psychiatric Hospital

UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital
UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital

UF Health Psychiatric Hospital consists of a child/adolescent unit, an adult inpatient addiction unit, two adult inpatient psychiatric units (one for individuals with psychotic symptoms and one general unit), and a geriatric psychiatry unit. Because UF Health Psychiatry Hospital programs often hinge on stabilization, treatment is short-term and highly focused. The goals of inpatient treatment are to stabilize the patient in crisis and address issues that immediately resulted in the need for inpatient care so the patient can function safely and with less distress outside the hospital.

The UF Psychiatric Hospital is a short walking distance from the Springhill Clinic Buildings allowing initiation of involuntary commitments from outpatient services to be much smoother. Should an outpatient need a hospital stay, the outpatient provider can easily communicate with the inpatient team and may provide therapy services inpatient if clinically indicated.

Psychological services offered at UF Health Psychiatric Hospital: 

Brief Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (B-CBT) is offered by psychology interns, RMHIs, and graduate students.

Hours of Service:

Psychology trainees offer services Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 8:-00am-10:00am and Tuesday 10:00am-12:00pm.

Supervision offered: 

Small group supervision and live supervision. A psychologist/faculty member on site at all times during the hours of service to provide ad hoc supervision.

Involvement of Training Director: 

Regular feedback from the clinical supervisor is incorporated into trainee evaluations.