MDU 4031 – Medicine and the Law

Offered: Summer (Class # 12053) Fall 2021 (Class # 16890)

Credits: 3


  • MDU 4003 Introduction to the Profession of  Medicine.
  • If you have not taken MDU 4003, please contact Ryan McCarty

Syllabus: MDU 4031 Spring 2019

Professor: Uma Suryadervara, M.D. – Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Course Coordinator: Ryan McCarty, B.S.

Registration: ONE.UF [Listed under MEDICINE-GENERAL in the undergraduate catalog]

Contact: Ryan McCarty –


This course is an introduction to the concepts of medical law and ethics for healthcare practitioners. The course covers legislative rulings, criminal and civil acts, contracts, negligence, and ethical concepts as they relate to the medical profession.


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of legal issues dealing with the law, informed consent and tort reform
  • Discuss landmark cases and laws in the history of US Medicine
  • Demonstrate an understanding of common areas of liability and litigation

To start course: This course is now offered in Canvas. In order to access this course, please go to and click “e-learning in Canvas.” Please log in with your Gatorlink and password. Your courses should be listed on the top of the screen when you click on “Courses.”