Program Aims

Our program operates in the context of a university and its large health science center, UF Health. UF is the flagship state university and a top 10 public university. Despite growing needs for mental health services, Florida ranks 49th in the nation in per capita mental health care funding with only 6.5 psychiatrists per 100,000 population on average. We are in the midst of an opioid epidemic with increasing public and legal acceptance of marijuana use. Burnout and depression are well-known risks of training and practice.

Overall aims:

  1. Produce excellent, trauma-informed general psychiatrists to justly serve the mental health needs of the state of Florida
  2. Educate residents to be excellent general psychiatrists in an integrated addiction care model
  3. Train skilled clinician-educators to enter academic practice, and
  4. Develop and maintain innovative teaching and learning environment where faculty and residents experience enhanced career development and sustained well-being.

Our residents are highly sought after by employers for their ability to provide excellent quality and safe care. We strive for an equal mix (~1/3 each) of graduate outcomes including fellowship training, private/community practice, and academic practice.