Current Projects

Anxiety, ADHD and Executive Functioning

This study is examining executive functioning differences between three groups of children tested in our clinic: children with anxiety disorders, children with ADHD, and children with anxiety disorders and ADHD.

Anxiety treatment camp

COARD Fear Facers Camp Group Photo
Fear Facers Camp

“Fear Facers” is a week-long full-day summer therapeutic camp aimed at reducing OCD and anxiety symptoms that is run by the UF Center for Obsessive-Compulsive and Anxiety Related Disorders, one of our close collaborators. The camp is heavily grounded in exposure therapy. Currently, our team is examining the efficacy of the camp in treating children with a wide variety of anxiety disorders. To learn more about our camp, visit:

OCD Treatment Outcome Project

Current study in preparation to examine our clinical predictors of treatment outcomes in the UF OCD Program. Factors we are interested in include comorbidity, sleep, exposure therapy processes, and family factors.

Peripartum OCD

Current study in preparation aimed at determining the prevalence of OCD symptoms during the peripartum period, examining the feasibility of an interdisciplinary model focused on assessment and early intervention of peripartum OCD, and evaluating treatment outcome in this population.

CBT for Anxiety Review Toons (CARTOONS)

In this study, we will be conducting focus groups with adolescents who have undergone CBT treatment and their parents in order to learn what about they think is important to know about CBT for future patients. The information gathered in this study will inform the creation of short education videos about CBT which will then be provided to new patients to use for psychoeducation. Our aim is to track usage of these videos and determine if treatment adherence and/or outcome is affected by the use of these videos.