Ana Turner, MD receives Hippocratic Award

Congratulations to Ana Turner, M.D., for receiving the 2021 Hippocratic Award. Dr. Turner is an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry, where she serves as a Community Psychiatrist, Consult Liaison Psychiatrist, the Director of Clerkship for the Jacksonville Psychiatry Rotation, and Co-Director of the UF Health Jacksonville Community Fellowship. She also represents the department of psychiatry at the IM Sulzbacher Center.

Dr. Turner receiving Hippocratic Award
Dr. Turner gives remarks after receiving the Hippocratic Award.

Each graduating class of the UF College of Medicine presents the Hippocratic Award annually to a faculty member who represents the ideal role model and embodies professionalism, humanism and teaching prowess. The word “Hippocratic” refers to the Greek father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who was known for his teaching and contributions to medicine. Dr. Turner joins her mentors Richard C. Christensen, M.D. and Josepha Cheong, M.D. as a recipient of this prestigious award.

The ceremony was held in Wilmot Gardens with opening remarks from Dean Colleen Koch, M.D., M.S.,M.B.A. followed by an introduction by Aalekhya Tenali, MS4 and Vice President of the College of Medicine Class of 2021. Tenali read statements classmates submitted in support for Dr. Turner. Those comments included testaments to her teaching and character. Tenali included her own saying, “Several classmates louted her passion for teaching and her effectiveness as a teacher. She’s an inspiring mentor and true role model for me.

I love the white board presentations she would create in her downtime to review relevant topics in psychiatry. Even when we incorrectly answered a question she never made us feel bad about it, instead she sought new ways to teach the material and reinforce it in such a way that we could recall it and apply it to situations that we encounter in the future.

She genuinely wants every student to succeed and enjoy their rotation. Even though I am not going into psychiatry this clerkship ended up being my favorite rotation largely due to her presence and her fantastic teaching. I will forever remember her dedication and passion for medicine and to her colleagues and patients.” 

Tanali concluded her introduction of Dr. Turner by saying, “It has truly been my class’s greatest pleasure to have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Ana Turner.”

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