Wayne Creelman, MD appointed the Mental Health Collaborative of Indian River County


Wayne Creelman, MD Professor
Wayne Lewis Creelman, MD, MBA, DLFAPA


Congratulations to Wayne Creelman, MD, who was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Mental Health Collaborative of Indian River County.

Dr. Creelman has been a former CEO, COO, CMO, and Executive Vice President of multiple mental health and substance abuse facilities across the United States over the last 35 years. Currently, he is Chief of the Division of Community Psychiatry at University of Florida Department of Psychiatry and Medical Director & McCabe Eminent Scholar and Professor.

The mission of the IRC Mental Health Collaborative is to establish a continuum of care for mental health made up of private and public funders, mental health providers, and individuals who work in collaboration to increase access, decrease duplication and facilitate community-wide support of mental health issues.

Dr. Creelman is board certified in both general psychiatry and medical management. He is a distinguished life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He is an accomplished author, popular teacher, strong administrator and an excellent clinician with a lifelong commitment to mental health advocacy and the interface between religion and mental health.

To find out more, click here http://www.mentalhealthcollaborativeofirc.org/