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  • Florida Recovery Center

  • Dr. Mark Gold Alberta Family Wellness Neurobiology of Reward and Addiction

Dr. Mark Gold gives an brief overview of drugs, alcohol and food addiction and reward in the brain.

  • Dr. Kevin A. Sabet on Balanced Drug Policy World Federation Against Drugs

Dr. Kevin A. Sabet discusses a Balanced Drug Policy at the World Federation Against Drugs Seminar in Sweden

  • University of Florida – Addiction – From Discovery to Recovery

As one of the only academic, university or college of medicine based programs, The University of Florida’s Recovery Center is a leading choice for the treatment of business and medical professionals struggling with drug or alcohol problems, offering specialized recovery groups to focus on their unique needs.The center encompasses extensive research in the areas of addiction and incorporates these findings in their treatment strategies.

  • Brown University’s Katharine Phillips, MD and University of Florida’s Kevin Wandler, MD discuss Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

  • UF Department of Psychiatry Faculty member Richard Christensen, MD talks about his role and the importance of the Sulzbacher Center to the community.

  • Patient testimonial: Florida Recovery Center (FRC) and how they helped her get her life back.

  •  UF’s Dr. Bruce Goldberger discusses the interactions between the law and the toxicology lab in cases of motorists driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.