Community Psychiatry Fellowship – Vero Beach, FL

Vero Beach UF Psychiatry Clinic

The University of Florida’s Department of Psychiatry has developed a unique one-year, full-time fellowship training program in Public/Community Psychiatry.

This fellowship is designed for psychiatrists who are committed to working in the public sector with individuals who often suffer from the most serious and persistent mental illnesses and who rely upon community-based, publicly-funded systems of care.

We offer specialty training in administrative leadership, illness prevention, health maintenance, psychosocial interventions, community-oriented scholarship, and recovery-oriented psychiatry to underserved individuals.

This fellowship will take place in our community-based academic center outpatient clinic and affiliated community mental health centers in the Vero Beach area which provide direct care to the underserved.

The specific objectives of the program are educational competencies and include:

An emphasis on patient care through the domains of person-centered care and interpersonal communication for the underserved mental and substance abuse populations.

The development of medical knowledge by understanding the basic concepts of psychiatric epidemiology, public health prevention strategies and the devising of appropriate service delivery systems for the underserved populations.

The facilitation of practice-based learning and improvement through a program of organized performance quality improvement activities and a training environment demonstrating the understanding of clinical interventions and transdisciplinary collaboration in providing psychiatric care to underserved populations.

Promotion of interpersonal and communication skills and professionalism through a training curriculum emphasizing the highest quality of patient care and developing an understanding of the necessity to adapt practices to the unique clinical, social and cultural needs of the underserved populations.

Teaching and utilization of a systems-based practice approach to health care by developing skills knowledge of the structure, programmatic goals, and leadership for proving public behavioral health system-based care and oversight.


Director: Wayne L. Creelman, MD, MBA, MTS, DLFAPA

Contact: Britany Ratliff, MSW; or 352-265-2863