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Current Grand Rounds Presentation

Current Grand Rounds Presentation

Published: Dec 9th, 2014

Click on the titles to view the presentation on the scheduled date. Upcoming Presentations Click Here   Online Presentations Click Here  Click Here to Claim Credit for a lecture if you […]

Forensic Division

Published: Jun 1st, 2012

The UF Forensic Psychiatry Division provides a full range of consultative services to private attorneys, the courts, administrative law bodies and governmental agencies, where evaluation and mental health information are […]


Published: Dec 7th, 2011

Research Faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Florida are engaged in ground-breaking projects covering a variety of interests. Substance Abuse/Addictions Autism Neuropsychiatric Research Behavioral Research Psychosocial […]

MDU 4031 – Medicine and the Law

Published: Nov 22nd, 2011

Offered: Spring 2018 (Section 5766) Summer 2018 (Section 735A) Fall 2018 (Section 1G04) Credits: 3 Prerequisites: MDU 4003 Syllabus: MDU4031 Spring 2018 MDU4031 Summer 2018 MDU4031 Fall 2018 Professor: Joseph […]

MDU 4850 – Diseases of Eating

Published: Nov 22nd, 2011

*Formerly MEL 4600   Offered: Spring 2018 (Section 08D6) Summer 2018 (Section 735E) Fall 2018 (Section 1G29) Credits: 3 Prerequisites: none Syllabus: MDU4850 Spring 2018 MDU4850 Summer 2018 MDU4850 Fall […]

MDU 4061 – Medical Bioethics

Published: Nov 22nd, 2011

Offered: Spring 2018 (Section 05E8) Summer 2018 (Section 735D) Fall 2018 (Section 1G28) Credits: 3 Prerequisites: MDU 4003 Introduction to the Profession of  Medicine Syllabus:  MDU4061 Spring 2018 MDU4061 Summer […]

MDU 4004 – Physician Shadowing

Published: Nov 22nd, 2011

Offered: Spring 2018 (Section 1999) Summer 2018 (Section 7F41) Fall 2018 (Section 1G18) Credits: 3 Prerequisites: I. Minimum 3.3 GPA after 30 UF credits II. MDU 4003 with an average of […]

MDU 4003 – Introduction to the Professions of Medicine

Published: Nov 22nd, 2011

Offered: Spring 2018 (Section 7199) Summer 2018 (Section 7F39) Fall 2018 (1G19) Credits: 3 Prerequisites: None Syllabus: MDU4003 Spring 2018 Syllabus Professor: Mariam Rahmani, M.D. Coordinator: Fabliha Anbar, B.S. Class […]