MDU 4004 FAQs

If I don’t qualify for the course this semester, can I take the course later?
Yes, you can take the course at any time as long as you meet the course criteria, and you are a registered UF student. You can apply as many times as you like, but you can only take the course once.

Can I drop off the application before the drop-off date?
No, please only drop off your application during the date(s) and time(s) listed on the application. If you cannot physically drop off your application at the specified times, then you can choose to have someone else drop off your application or you can mail it to the mailing address listed in the application packet.

How does the credit hour requirement work?
You need to accrue 30 credit hours at UF before applying to take the course. This excludes transfer credits or Advanced Placement course credits. You can apply for the course if you will have accrued the necessary credit hours by the time the next semester starts. For example, if you are applying to take the course in the spring semester, and you will have accrued at least 30 UF credit hours by the end of the fall semester, before the spring semester begins, you are eligible to apply. You are NOT eligible to apply if you will not accrue the necessary hours until the end of the semester to which you are applying. For example, you cannot apply to the course for the spring semester if you will not reach the 30 UF credit hour limit until the end of the spring semester.

What if I don’t know what my schedule will be like next semester?
Try to only provide times in your application that you know you will have available in the next semester. If more time becomes available for you to shadow, email the course coordinator. It is much easier to accommodate students that initially report lower availability and then have more time come available than the other way around.

What do I do if my schedule changes?
Let the course coordinator ( know as soon as possible. The sooner the coordinator knows, the easier it is to make changes in the physician-student pairings. If the coordinator does not hear from you, they will assume your schedule is exactly as stated on your application. It is the student’s responsibility to make the coordinator aware of any changes. Late changes to schedules may prevent the student from being able to participate in the course.

When do I find out which physician I am shadowing?
Usually the week after the add/drop period. Pairing students with physicians is very time intensive, and the coordinator needs to be sure that the class roster is set before they assign students.