Prescribing Controlled Drugs CME
Critical Issues & Common Pitfalls of Misprescribing

Research indicates that up to one  third of the disciplinary actions taken by Medical Boards are related to  misprescribing practices. Common problematic behaviors include inappropriately  dispensing controlled substances from office practices, prescribing overly  large doses or quantities of drugs to individual patients, prescribing at  too-frequent intervals, and/or failing to document completely (or at all) the  rationale for treatment. Misprescribing also includes writing scripts for  family members, friends, or known drug addicts (before other forms of therapy  have been tried). The UF College of Medicine is  pleased to be able to offer a 3-day CME course, originally developed by Dr.  Andy Spickard and his colleagues at Vanderbilt Medical Center, which was  designed to address misprescribing issues.


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