Non-UF Students

  1. Complete a Non-Degree application at:

Note 1: In the  “Non-degree Course Request” section of the non-degree application, make the following selections:

      1. Select “Standard Non-degree” from the dropdown box.
      2. Select “College of Medicine” from the dropdown box
      3. Select “Summer A/C” from the dropdown box.
      4. In the “Course Information” section, enter “MDU” in the “Prefix” column  from the dropdown box and enter the appropriate four-digit course number, such as 4850 or 4003 in the “ Course Number” column.

Note 2: You can request registration for more than one course using the same form.

Note 3: It is best to complete this form at least two weeks before the regular registration deadline, to allow time for processing. See regular registration deadlines at:

  1. As soon as you  complete Step 1, send an email to  with the subject line “NON-Degree STUDENT REQUEST” to notify the department that you have completed the non-degree application.


  1. You will receive an email from the Office of the University Registrar,  follow the instructions in the email for tuition and fee payment, registration, ID creation and Gatorlink account setup.


  1. On the first day of class, log on to E-learning at


Additional Information: