Research Interests & Current Projects

Broadly, Dr. Lewis’ research interests include understanding the neurobehavioral concomitants of chronic and acute substance use. Although his past/recent analyses have included opioids, marijuana, and other substances of abuse, he has maintained a particular focus on alcohol. This interest spans all patterns of consumption, from moderate/low-risk to chronic/heavy drinking, and has included investigations across the lifespan, from fetal exposure to elderly drinkers.

In 2018, Dr. Lewis was awarded a Career Development Award (K01) from the National Institute of Alcohol & Alcoholism (NIAAA), entitled “Enhancing Recovery Outcomes in Alcohol Use Disorder: Cognitive Training as an Adjunct to Treatment”. The major aim of this project is the development of novel behavioral interventions for substance abuse. Specific goals include using cognitive training to improve neurocognitive recovery, enhance treatment efficacy, and improve post-discharge functioning among treatment-seeking individuals with alcohol use disorders.