Basic Training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)


Basic training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is designed for clinicians new to the PCIT model. Participants attend two workshops; the first is a 4-day workshop, the second is a 3-day workshop occurring 3-4 months after the first. Participants are able and encouraged to start seeing PCIT cases after the initial 4-day workshop. Workshops include didactics, modeling, role playing, and active skills practice. In order to be trained in PCIT, participants must have at least a master’s degree in a mental health/counseling field and be licensed to provide psychotherapy in their state, or receive clinical supervision from a licensed provider.

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Training consists of:

  • A 4-day workshop covering the basics of PCIT, focusing on the 1st phase of treatment, the Child Directed Interaction (CDI) AND
  • A 3-day workshop scheduled 3-4 months after the initial workshop, reviewing basics of PCIT and CDI, but focusing on the 2nd phase of treatment, the Parent Directed Interaction (PDI)
  • (NOTE: Attendance at both workshops is required.)

Number of trainees: 4-12


Division of Medical Psychology
8491 NW 39th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32606

(behind the UF Health Emergency Department on 39th Avenue near Santa Fe College)


  • June 5-8, 2018
    • Follow up course dates: August 27-29, 2018
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Training cost: $4500 per trainee

Training costs include:

  • 56 hours of workshop training
  • Weekly consultation for one year (required for certification)
  • Session review (up to 6 sessions, 4 are required for certification)
  • PCIT 2011 Treatment Protocol
  • DPICS-IV Clinical Manual
  • DPICS-IV Clinical Workbook
  • Additional clinical materials
  • CE credits are available

Participant/Contracting Agency Responsibilities:

  • Travel costs
  • Appropriate PCIT treatment space
  • Time for clinicians to learn and implement PCIT
  • Referrals for PCIT treatment (roughly 2-4 ┬ácases in 1st year, minimum)

Preferred hotel:

Best Western Gateway Grand Hotel*


4200 NW 97th Boulevard
Gainesville, FL 32606

*Use Organization – UF Psychology for discounted training/conference rate when making reservations