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Marika BrighamMarika Brigham


Chief Financial Officer and Department Administrator

Phone: 352.265.7981




Samantha LeClairSamantha LeClair

Assistant Director

Budget management and oversees fiscal office

Phone: 352.265.7296




Priscilla SpencePriscilla Spence

Administrative Specialist III

Administration Assistant to Chair and Liaison to Faculty, College of Medicine, and VIPs

Phone: 352.294.4914


Administrative Support


David RobertsDavid Roberts

Administrative Support Assistant II

Administrative functions for the Center for OCD and Related Disorders (COARD) and the Vice Chair of Development

Phone: 352.294.4924





Jennifer StricklenJennifer Stricklen

Administrative Support Assistant I

Phone: 352.294.4900




Tina GreenTina Green

Administrative Support Assistant III

Clinical service contract, accounts receivables and payables, UF Health Center for Psychiatry and Addiction – Vero Beach Administration

Phone: 352.594.4261




Bobbi ReynoldsBobbi Reynolds

Accountant III

Teaching Hours, Grant Reporting and Asset Management

Phone: 352.594.4256




Dawn RobertsDawn Roberts

Accountant I

Grant reporting, Effort Reporting, Distributions, PI Overhead, Development, Space Reporting, Property

Phone: 352.594.4228



Yolanda Rutledge

Fiscal Assistant II

Travel, Pcards, and purchasing

Phone: 352.594.4265




Jessica Sanders

Fiscal Assistant III

Accounts Receivable, Contractual Mileage, Department P-Card Reconciliation

Phone: 352.594.4303





Monica BrookMonica Brook

Administrative Support Assistant II, Division of Psychology

Administrative functions of the Medical Psychology Division and Training Program

Phone: 352.265.8853





Hannah Hatcher

Hannah Hatcher

Administrative Specialist II, Addiction Medicine Division

Direct support to the Addiction Medicine Division Chief, Forensic IME’s and the Addiction Division Fellowship program.

Phone: 352.265.5539



Susan NoblesSusan Nobles

Program Assistant, Forensic Division

Administrative functions of the Forensic Division and support for Forensic Fellowship as well as Billing for the Forensic Division. Addiction Medicine Training Program Coordinator

Phone: 352.294.4904




Holly Pfiester

Administrative Support Assistant III

Administrative functions of the Adult Division

Phone: 352.594.1854




Haley Weber

Administrative Support Assistant II

Administrative support to the Addiction Medicine Division and administrative support to the Addiction Medicine Fellowship

Phone: 352.265.5525



Denise Lambert

Human Resources Generalist I

Personnel and payroll, TEAMS new hires, credentialing, faculty and VA on-call schedule

Phone: 352.594.4229




Tovah LawrenceTovah Lawrence

Human Resources Assistant

Housestaff/Resident, addiction post-doc fellows, graduate assistants, OPS/Fed Work Study appointments, extra duty, and volunteers

Phone: 352.594.4306




Britany GriffinBritany Ratliff

Residency & Fellowship Program Coordinator II

Administrative supervision of residency and grand rounds. Oversees clerkship program and event planning

Phone: 352.265.2863



Jacqueline GarciaJacqueline Garcia

Residency & Fellowship Program Assistant

Residency recruitment and support, training schedule, call and calendar for residents

Phone: 352.265.2862




Taylor Greene, Academic Assistant II, Department of Psychiatry

Taylor Greene

Academic Assistant II

Administrative and student services in online education

Phone: 352.294.5565




Natalie BrownNatalie Brown

Administrative Support Assistant II

Medical Education and Professionalism in Medicine CME Programs

Phone: 352.265.5300


Promotion & Tenure

Martha Schaub Martha Pennock-Schaub

Administrative Specialist II

Phone: 352.294.4918


  • Faculty Promotion and Tenure, Faculty Development & Mentoring, Continuing Medical Education Administration and Grand Rounds

Public Relations & Website


Melinda FawcettMelinda Fawcett

Public Relations Specialist I

Department website content management, video, and photography

Phone: 352.294.4906




Research-Grants Administration


Nicole BristowNicole Bristow

Research Administrator III

Oversee research administration and development, including proposal development, submission and awards management to aid faculty as it relates to research

Phone: 352.294.4963




Jacqueline TuckerJackie Tucker

Research Administrator II

Provides support regarding pre- and post-award management, assisting research faculty with award submission, grant administration, and reporting

Phone:  352.294.4913




Kelli GattiKelli Gatti

Research Administrator I

Grant proposal submissions, post award management, purchase orders, travel, reimbursements and PCard verification

Phone: 352.294.4934


Research Coordinators


Dana MasonDana Mason

Research Coordinator II

Primary coordinator on clinical trials, patient enrollments and start-ups, development and implementation of research studies procedures, research data collection and monitor data results, as well as administrative, research participate, and fiscal support

Phone: 352.273.8540




Deborah Morrison Deborah Morrison, MA

Research Coordinator III

Coordinator for the UF Health Florida Recovery Center Pottash Research Initiative. Manages staff, students, and volunteers; assists with study development and implementation, IRB related tasks, and data management; collaborates with treatment team to facilitate and promote the clinical-research partnership

Phone: 352.265.9612




Robyn NelsonRobyn Nelson

Research Coordinator III

Research Coordinator for the Program in Genetics & Epidemiology of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms (PGENeS) Laboratory and the Center for OCD, Anxiety and Related Disorders (COARD). Manages staff and volunteers, all IRB related tasks, and outreach activities for the PGENeS lab and COARD including Fear Facers Summer camp

Phone: 352.294.5563

Email: or



Robert PratherRobert Prather

Research Coordinator III

Research Coordinator for the Neurocognitive Laboratory. Manages staff, students, resources, and purchasing for a variety of federally-funded grants, state-funded research projects, and other projects funded by various mechanisms

Phone: 352.294.4942


Clinical Support Staff


Safal DesaiSafal Desai

Revenue Cycle Analyst, UF Department of psychiatry

Overseas revenue cycle management for the Department of Psychiatry. Responsible for major systems review and reporting as related to both revenue cycle management and fiscal management

Phone: 352.594.1891




Mary Ellen FreyMary Ellen Frey

Clinic Manager, UF Health at Springhill and Florida Recovery Center

Manager of adult outpatient clinic staff, scheduling and billing

Phone: 352.594.1821





Emmanuel MyrtilEmmanuel Myrtil

Clinic Manager, UF Health Springhill 2

Manager of child and adolescent psychiatry and behavioral health unit (BHU) outpatient clinic, clinic staff, scheduling and billing

Phone: 352.265.8885




Gina Palladino

Clinic Manager, UF Health Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine – Vero Beach

Manager of adult, child and addiction outpatient clinic, clinic staff, scheduling and billing. Assist clinical trainees on site

Phone: 772.794.0179