Jessica Sanders Receives University of Florida’s Superior Accomplishment Award

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders, an Administrative Specialist I within the Addiction Medicine Division of the Department of Psychiatry, has been honored with the University of Florida Superior Accomplishment Award.

This prestigious award celebrates faculty and staff members who demonstrate exceptional service, efficiency, and impact on the quality of life for students and employees. Jessica was nominated for this award by supervisors and peers who provided glowing letters of recommendation highlighting her outstanding contributions.

Known for her strong work ethic and commitment to the division, Jessica has made many valuable contributions over the years, earning recognition and admiration from colleagues and superiors alike. She is essential to the division’s independent medical examination (IME) services. Her tasks encompass a wide range of duties, including scheduling coordination, management of participant evaluations, and attention to administrative details. In addition to scheduling, Jessica oversees the preparation of all physical charts for evaluations, ensuring that each document and form is complete and accurate.

Beyond her administrative duties, Jessica plays a crucial role in supporting faculty members throughout the evaluation process. She assists in formatting and finalizing reports, ensuring that deadlines are met and reports are promptly delivered to referral sources.

What truly sets Jessica apart is her unwavering positivity and dedication, even in the face of challenging circumstances. Working with patient populations that present unique demands, Jessica’s resilience and adaptability shine through. Her ability to maintain efficiency and flexibility within a demanding system is a testament to her exceptional character and professionalism.

Jessica Sanders demonstrating the Gator Chomp alongside a tiny alligator

Jessica’s role extends beyond her official job description. While she serves as a dependable point of contact for faculty members, helping with various administrative tasks. Dr. Ben Phalin wrote in his nomination letter, “Jessica also quickly demonstrated to me that I could consistently rely on her for positivity, warmth, and collegiality, even in the face of the sporadic, unforeseen challenge. I can specifically recall an occasion in 2013, soon after I started, when we had a torrential storm (perhaps a hurricane), flooding the grounds and some of our buildings as well. During that event, one of our campus alligators found its way to our parking lot. Mind you, this was a baby gator, not a threat to safety, per se. While waiting for appropriate staff to attend to the matter, Jessica encouraged me to show my school spirit. Fortunately, I was able to take a photograph of her doing just that. I believe this image captures just a bit of her personality (you have to look close to see the gator!).”

Her commitment to excellence and willingness to go above and beyond make her an invaluable asset to the department and a deserving recipient of the UF Superior Accomplishment Award. She will receive her award at a reception held at the Hilton University Florida Conference Center. Congratulations Jessica!