2023 IOCDF Conference

The International OCD Foundation held their 28th Annual OCD Conference the first week of July in San Francisco. Several of our faculty and members of our staff attended to present and represent our program.

2023 IOCDF

The Annual IOCDF Conference is the largest national event focused solely on obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders. This conference is open to individuals with OCD, their families and support systems, and mental health professionals. It’s an opportunity for attendees to learn more about treatment, research, and gather with other individuals to discuss topics associated with OCD and related disorders.

This year we had several faculty and trainees present at the IOCDF conference as well as a booth in the exhibit hall.


Perinatal OCD: Expanding Your Clinical Practice
Megan Barthle-Herrera, PhD, PMH-C, Melissa Munson, PhD, Lauren Schmidt, MD, & Joseph McNamara, PhD

Obsessive compulsive symptoms can begin or worsen during the perinatal period. This presentation will review etiology, assessment measures, related concerns, and future directions in this population. The main focus of this presentation will be on interventions for individuals with perinatal OCD and their loved ones, focusing on medication recommendations and specific exposure ideas as well as how to implement them successfully to optimize treatment outcomes and daily functioning.

Living a Life Worth Living: Identifying Values and Values—Oriented Goals in the Context of OCD
Seth Downing, MA; Andrea Guastello, PhD; Ashley Ordway, LMHC; Tannaz Mirhosseini, MS

Leading a values-based life is part of living a life worth living. In this interactive workshop, mental health professionals will work with adolescents to help them determine their values, ways that OCD gets in the way of living those values, and how we can challenge OCD so that our actions are more in line with them. We hope that you will enjoy the challenges of identifying the values you want to live by and that it will provide a new sense of purpose and direction in your fight against OCD.


A systematic review of the impacts of parental hoarding
Seth Downing, MS, Ryan McCarty, MS, Andrea Guastello,PhD, Tannaz Mirhosseini, MS, Joseph McNamara, PhD