Dr. Turner teaching session for AAFP Street Medicine Outreach Online CME

Street medicine is a growing specialty that provides medical care to unsheltered people residing in shelters, encampments, parks and other public areas. As a result of the increasing need the American Academy of Family Physicians has created an online CME Course with experts in various specialties to share their strategies and tips for incorporating street medicine into their practices or healthcare systems.

Dr. Turner and the HOPE Outreach Team
Dr. Turner with the HOPE Outreach Team on the streets of Jacksonville, FL

Ana Turner, MD teaches the Street Psychiatry Overview section of the course. She is an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry and a member of the Sulzbacher’s HOPE Team (Homeless Outreach Project Expansion). Dr. Turner spends part of her week at UF Health Jacksonville mentoring medical students and residents and the other part of her week on city streets and at Sulzbacher, a comprehensive center for the area’s homeless population that addresses housing, income and healthcare. She also works in tandem with the team at the Sulzbacher Homeless Outreach Project Expansion, or HOPE, to connect with potential new patients. As part of this outreach, Turner takes residents and medical students on rotations to meet homeless patients where they are.

The CME Online Course is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide up to 14 Enduring Materials. Learn more about the course and register here: Street Medicine Outreach CME | AAFP