Dr. Carr receives FEO award

Brent Carr, MD
Brent R. Carr, MD, Assistant Professor

Brent Carr, MD has received a Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (FEO) award. This award is presented to faculty to encourage applications for creative and flexible faculty development activities, including but not limited to: educational experiences/conferences, work with consultants/experts, time devoted to intensive writing or creative work or activities in support of a new direction for one’s scholarly work.

Dr. Carr will attend the Psychedelic Science 2023 Conference in Denver, Colorado in June 2023. This conference offers curated sessions on neuroscience, pharmacology, psychedelic medicine, psychedelic research, and showcase current ongoing work by Johns Hopkins, Yale, Massachusetts General, and University of California. He will then travel to Stanford University Medical School to review clinical trails currently underway at the institution and meet with the director of the psychedelic research center, Trisha Suppes, MD, PhD at their Exploratory Therapeutics Laboratory to foster collaboration and implementation strategies for our department here at the University of Florida.