Dr. Richardson selected for PRITE Fellowship

Gerald Richardson, MD is one of two PRITE Fellows selected for 2022-2023. Dr. Richardson was chosen by the Psychiatry Resident-In-Training Examination (PRITE®) Fellowship Selection Committee and the American College of Psychiatrists Board of Regents.

headshot of Gerald Richardson, MD
Gerald Richardson, MD

This prestigious honor requires a two year term and attendance at the PRITE® Editorial Board Meetings. As a member of the PRITE Board Dr. Richardson will provide a set number of questions to be included in the 2024 PRITE® and edit and reference other exam items.

PRITE® as an educational resource for psychiatric residents and training programs. Each section of the exam focuses on a particular component of psychiatry, offering references to support and explain correct answers. Nearly all psychiatry residents in the United States, Canada and several outside of the U.S. take the exam three to four times throughout their residency training. Training directors receive detailed information about their residents performance as well as information on how their residents compared with residents of other programs. This is a valuable tool for evaluating the program’s effectiveness in training their residents and to make adjustments to the program as needed. Our University of Florida Psychiatry residents scored at or above the national average for all three testing categories: Neurosciences, Clinical Neurology, and Clinical Psychiatry on the 2021 PRITE.