2022 APA Annual Meeting

Several of the department’s faculty and residents attended the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Annual Meeting was held May 21st-15th in New Orleans, Louisiana. Those in attendance participated and/or received accolades at the meeting.

This year’s meeting featured a deep and timely discussion of the social determinants of mental health: the factors outside our offices and within our patients’ communities that influence the mind, from COVID, to inequity, to education, and much more.

Here are some of the highlights from this year’s meeting:

2022 Distinguished Fellows
We had several faculty inducted at the Convocation of Distinguished Fellows
Jenna Kar, DO placed second in the Scientific Sessions at the Indo American Psychiatric Association’s poster session.
De Faria Presidential Award
Ludmilla De Faria, MD received a Special Commendation from the President at the Convocation of Distinguished Fellows.

Here is a list of the department members that presented at the event:

Drs. Cheong, Clark & Hung-Lun Chang -The Intersection of Arts, Humanities & Psychiatry Dr. Steven Toffel – Thyroid Trouble:  Catatonia, Delirium, & severely elevated TSH –

Dr. Lymaries Velez – Too Much too little too late:  chronic Hypercalcemia & sudden antidepressant withdrawal as risk factors for late onset mania               

Dr. Jeena Kar – Assessing Racial Trauma in Psychiatric Interview; a QI Project

Dr. Pauline Chen- Asian American Youth & Mental Health Stigma, a Synthesis of Current Literature Dr. Schneider- Importance of Competent Cultural Care in Psychiatry:  When Psychosis, Substance Misuse and Culture Collide

Drs. Cheong, Luo, Verduin, Boland – Networking Skills for Future Career Advancement

Drs. Mathias, Hobbs, De Faria – Alive and Thriving:  Supporting Physicians with Disabilities

Drs. Cheong, Leonard, Stapleton, Selfe – Predatory Publishing:  How to Navigate the Perils and Pitfalls of Academic Publishing

Dr. Cheong – Benzodiazepines: A Debate

Drs. Hobbs, Holbert, Schmidt, Vanderpool  – Women’s Mental Health Care in 2022:  Practice Tips and Resources for Advancing Quality and Reducing Risk

Dr. Ana Turner – Criminal Justice Reform in Jacksonville, FL: Reallocation of City and Police Resources to Keep Misdemeanor Offenders With Mental Illness Out of Jail