2022 College of Medicine Research Day

The College of Medicine held their annual Research Poster Session at the Stephen O’Connell Center. The department of psychiatry was well represented at this year’s event.

The annual research poster session is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the strength of our research mission and programs, to appreciate the scope, quality and distinction of the science, and to launch new partnerships through vibrant, robust conversations. Let us celebrate the future as we join together in advancing discovery through innovation, collaboration, and inclusive excellence in research!

Posters by our faculty, students, and research staff presented at this year’s event:

Karen Lin
Blockade of dopamine D2 and D1/D2 receptors decreases nicotine self-administration in adult male and female rats.

Ranjith Kumar Chellian
Blockade and stimulation of dopamine D1 receptors decreases nicotine self-administration in adult male and female rats.

Azin Behnood-Rod
Oxycodone decreases anxiety-like behavior in male and female rats.

Mariah Vesely
Spirituality and its Association with Abstinence Self-Efficacy during SUD Treatment

Apollonia E. Lysandrou
Pain & Pain-Associated Risks Among Healthcare Professionals in Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

Kendall Kristjanson
Social Support Impacts Pain-Related Outcomes Among Individuals in Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Danielle Springer
The Impact of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Pain and Abstinence Self-Efficacy Among Individuals in Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Sofia Vescovacci
Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Chronic Pain in Individuals with Substance Use Disorders

Madison Mulcahy
Negative affect and substance use patterns in treatment seeking adult

Christian Cordon-Cano
Associations Between Chronic Pain, Depressive Symptomatology, and Drinking Levels in Treatment Seeking Adults

Will Rose
Relationship between drinking and chronic pain as a function of substance use patterns

Tara Hashemian
Prevalence of psychiatric and neurological conditions among people with animal hoarding

Tara Hashemian
Distinguishing, predicting, and interpreting theory-driven versus data-driven treatment response patterns

Jason Cory Brunson
Network novelty in biomedical research: 3 cases

Franjo Ivankovic
Rare Copy-Number Variants in Tourette Syndrome

Franjo Ivankovic
Genomics and Phenomics of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Phenotypes in Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study

Gregory Muller
Treatment process and outcomes for a single case of comorbid obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia nervosa, and diabetes mellitus type 1

Christina Lagas
Understanding auditory categorization functioning in people with hoarding disorder

Sara Nutley
Health-related quality of life in hoarding: A comparison to chronic conditions with high disease burden.

Binh Nguyen
Impact of Hoarding and OCD Symptomatology on Quality of Life and Their Interaction with Depression Symptomatology

Ciobha McKeown
Teaching an Infant to Mand for Help

Alexa Valko
Changes in symptomology following a therapeutic summer camp for youth with OCD, anxiety, and depressive disorders

Ashley Ordway
The Effects Of An Exposure Therapy Training Program for Pre-Professionals in an Intensive Exposure-Based Summer Camp.

Hannah Duffield
Increasing cooperation with medical procedures

Matthew Burns
A novel multimodal MRI whole brain imaging and data analysis pipeline in an aged rodent synuclein model

Mia Johnson
Predicting the future of mental health: how will in utero COVID-19 infection influence psychiatric illness in future generations?

Ling-Sha Ju
Intergenerational perioperative neurocognitive disorder (PND) induced by surgery, traumatic brain injury, and subsequent exposure to sevoflurane in young adult male rats

Mojdeh Faraji
Effects of Reproductive Experience on Cost-Benefit Decision Making in Females

Alara Güvenli
Effects of chronic oral THC consumption on working memory in aged rats

Sabrina Zequeira
Acute effects of cannabis on cognition in aging

Emely Gazarov
Cannabinoid pharmacokinetics following exposure to cannabis smoke in mice

Wonn Pyon
Temporally-specific inhibition of ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons during decision making under risk of punishment.

Katherine Gonzalez
Sex differences in the effects of age on prefrontal cortex-mediated cognition in Fischer 344 x Brown Norway F1 hybrid rats

Grace Parker
The Spontaneous Identification of HD in Others by Individuals who Meet Criteria for Hoarding Disorder

Marie Jean Gilles
How good is a single question at identifying Hoarding Disorder?

Elizabeth Chapman
Using EEG to evaluate primary visual processing in OCD

Marcelo Febo
Age related variations in sociability, anxiety-like, and conditioned fear behaviors in C57BL/6J mice is linked to brain wide functional connectomic differences and amino acid metabolism in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex

Marcelo Febo
Brain regional differences in functional connectome strength with subjective memory complaints, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease

Natasha Tracy
Predictors of Professional Burnout and Fulfillment in a Longitudinal Analysis on Nurses and Healthcare Workers in the COVID-19 Pandemic