Housestaff Council Executive Committee

Housestaff Council Members, Nuthi, Velez, Teaford
Three of our trainees have been appointed to the Housestaff Council. PGY-4 Meena Nuthi, MD as Co-Chair, PGY-2 Lymaries Velez, MD as Diversity Chair, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow George Teaford, MD, Member at Large.

The Housestaff Council was founded in July 2019 to represent Housestaff with regards to education, training, facilities and resources. The council works closely with the UF office of GME and GME Committee, UF School of Medicine and UF Health to promote the interests of the Housestaff at large. The Council provides input to the GME office on many issues and frequently meets with the Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education. This is the group contacted when institutional issues arise and they guide some of the financial decisions for money used for Housestaff. Council meetings are held once a month and are open to all Housestaff.