Dr. Nallapula serves as House Doctor of the Day

FL House Doctor of the Day, Kishan Nallapula
Florida House Representative, Clovis Watson, Jr. and UF Assistant Professor, Psychiatry Kishan Nallapula, MD as House Doctor of the Day.

On Wednesday, May 1st, FPS Dr. Kishan Nallapula, sponsored by Rep. Clovis Watson (Gainesville), served as the House Doctor of the Day.

The Doctor of the Day program started in the 1960’s by a former House member who was a physician from Miami. Physicians who are willing to spend a day in Tallahassee during the legislative session perform an invaluable service by providing health care for members of the legislature and legislative employees. In addition, this program continues to be a vital component in improving and strengthening physician-legislator relations.

This is the second time Dr. Nallapula has participated in the program. He was able to see the legislative process up close and personal this year by watching legislation being debated and passed in the House chamber throughout the day.

This closes out FPS’s participation in the legislative program for the 2019 Legislative Session. Thank you to those members who took time out of their schedules to be a part of this important program which supplements FPS’s advocacy efforts! The 2020 session starts in January next year so if you are interested in serving in the Doctor of the Day program, please contact Margo Adams (margo@floridapsych.org).