UF Psychiatry 9th Annual Quality Improvement Day

First Place General Psych: Supporting Breastfeeding for Medical Trainees: An overview for areas of Improvement

First Place - General Psychiatry

  • Ashley Bindshedler, DO, PGY-3
  • Danielle Epstein, DO, PGY-3
  • Hannah Morrissey, DO, PGY-3
  • Meghan Mayberry, DO, PGY-3
  • Nathan Chan, MD, PGY-2
  • Kelvin Tran, MD, PGY-1
  • Faculty Mentors:
  • Jacqueline Hobbs, MD, PhD
  • Brent Carr, MD

Second Place General Psych: I-PASS: Bringing the Shands Consult Handoff into the New Age

Second Place - General Psychiatry

  • Sheldon Brown, MD PGY-4
  • Nicholas Martinez, MD, PGY-3
  • Kevin Putinta, MD, PGY-2
  • Amanda Mihalik-Wenger, MD, PGY-1
  • Justin Wenger, MD, PGY-1
  • Ramy Bolis, MD, PGY-1
  • Faculty Mentors:
  • Jacqueline Hobbs, MD, PhD
  • Joseph Thornton, MD

Third Place General Psych: Clinical Review for Mental Health Smartphone Applications

Third Place - General Psychiatry

  • Jerett Watnick, DO, PGY-4
  • Joshua Proemsey, MD, PGY-3
  • PhuongTam Nguyen, MD PGY-3
  • Jonathan Browning, MD, PGY-3
  • Pauline Chen, MD, PGY-1
  • Bryan Erb, MD, PGY-1
  • Faculty Mentor:
  • Mehdi Yazdanpanah, MD

First Place Child Psych: Competency of Mental Health Providers in the Treatment and Management of Transgender Patients

First Place - Child Psychiatry

  • Christopher Ong, MD, Child Fellow
  • Camilo Leal, MD, Child Fellow
  • Cindy Hernandez
  • Faculty Mentor:
  • Regilda Romero, PhD