Adriaan Bruijnzeel, PhD awarded R01 Grant

Adrie Bruijnzeel

Adriaan Bruijnzeel, PhD was awarded a R01 Grant entitled, “Crosstalk between dopamine and glucocorticoids in high levels of nicotine intake and anhedonia in rats”.

Dr. Bruijnzeel was recently congratulated by Joseph A. Tyndall, MD, MPH; Interim Dean of the College of Medicine and Stephen P. Sugrue, Phd; Senior Associate Dean for Research Affairs where they acknowledged Dr. Bruijnzeel’s commitment and dedication to the UF research mission.


“We recognize the significant value this National Institutes of Health grant adds to your research program, and we wish you continued success in your efforts to improve health and healthcare through scientific discovery.”

Joseph A. Tyndall, MD, MPH

Interim Dean, College of Medicine


Stephen P. Sugrue, PhD

Senior Associate Dean for Research Affairs