2019 COM Research Poster Session

Published: February 20th, 2019

By: Melinda Fawcett

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Tuesday, February 19th the College of Medicine held their annual Research Poster Session at the Stephen O’Connell Center. The department of psychiatry was well represented at this year’s event.

You can view the entire list of posters here: https://event.crowdcompass.com/2019-ufcom-posters

Check out the gallery below for photos from the event

Posters featured in the gallery:

  • Background genetics impacts microstructure measures in motor cortex and hippocampus of wildtype and 5xFAD mice
    Matteo Grudny, Sara Neuner, Amy Dunn, Marjory Pompilus, Catherine Kazcorowski, Marcelo Febo
  • Transcutaneous vagal nerve stimulation and sleep
    Amy Tran, Aidan Murphy, Damon Lamb, Eric Porges, Michael Jaffee, John Williamson
  • Sex difference in the behavioral economics of food reinforcement in rats
    Ranjith kumar Chellian, Azin Behnood Rod, Ryann Wilson, Michaela Polmann, Hannah Lyons, Adriaan Bruijnzeel
  • Development of a website to support and enhance wellness initiatives at University of Florida College of Medicine
    Celeste Rousseau, Hamleen Gregoire, Lisa Merlo
  • Tobacco use and recovery outcomes at the Florida Recovery Center
    Harrison Mathews, Jacob Diamond, Deborah Morrison, Scott Teitelbaum, Lisa Merlo
  • Exploration of depressive symptoms during substance use disorder treatment
    Jill Sutton, Deborah Morrison, Regina Bussing, Scott Teitelbaum, Lisa Merlo
  • An analysis of the genetic correlation of Gilles de la Tourette, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder with cognitive measures, anthropometric and personality traits
    Karla Claudio, Carol Mathews
  • Comparing risk factors among health professionals and non-health professionals admitted to substance use disorder treatment
    Divya James, Deborah Morrison, Lisa Merlo
  • The role of emotionality in attending to and ignoring facial stimuli in alcohol use disorder
    Julianne Price, Ben Lewis, Christian Garcia, Ian Frazier, Sara Jo Nixon
  • Effects of inactivation of the lateral habenula on risky decision making
    Shelby Blaes, Hannah Holik, Caitlin Orsini, Jennifer Bizon, Barry Setlow
  • Neurocognitive performance in alcohol use disorder as a function of comorbid substance use
    Riley Bohan, Ben Lewis, Christian Garcia, Julianne Price, Sara Jo Nixon
  • Interactive effects of age and acute moderate alcohol consumption on P3 amplitude
    Christian Garcia, Taylor Lambertus, Ben Lewis, Jeff Boissoneault, Sara Jo Nixon
  • Examination of treatment process and barriers for intersecting obsessive-compulsive and misophonic symptomology
    Gregory Muller, Andrew Guzick, Ashley Ordway, Brian Olsen

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