8th Annual Psychiatry QI Day

Wednesday, April 18th the Department of Psychiatry held their 8th Annual Psychiatry Quality Improvement Day at UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital. Residents and Fellows participated in a poster session where each team presented to Department of Psychiatry and UF Health faculty and staff. The winners were announce at a reception immediately following the voting period.

View all team posters here – 2018 QI Posters

General Psychiatry

1st Place QI Day1st: Effects of Implementing EMR’s for Emergency Treatment Orders

  • Natasha Clark, MD, PGY-4
  • Jaison Nainaparampil, MD, PGY-3
  • Ashley Bindshedler, DO, PGY-2
  • Danielle Epstein, DO, PGY-2
  • Phuong Tam Nguyen, MD, PGY-2
  • Casey Lowrey, MD, PGY-1
  • Richard Holbert, MD, Faculty Mentor


2nd Place QI Day2nd: Educating Psychiatrists on QTc Calculation using an Online Model

  • Ahmed Qureshi, MD, PGY-4
  • Eric Downes, MD, PGY-3
  • Matthew Harnach, MD, PGY-2
  • Tian Sui, MD, PGY-1
  • Henry Teaford, MD, PGY-1
  • Richard Holbert, MD, Faculty Mentor


3rd Place QI Day3rd: Improving Medical Student Access to Psychiatry

  • Daniel Pietras, MD, PGY-4
  • Sheldon Brown, MD, PGY-3
  • Nicholas Martinez, MD, PGY-2
  • Elizabeth Soyeon Ahn, MD, PGY-1
  • Stephanie Garayalde, MD, PGY-1
  • Herbert Ward, MD, Faculty Mentor


Child Fellows QI Day

Child Psychiatry

1st: The Psychiatric Assessment of Preschool Age Children

  • Elyse Huey, MD, Child Fellow
  • Avjola Hoxha, MD, Child Fellow
  • Mariam Rahmani, MD, Faculty Mentor
  • Nikhil Rao, MD, Faculty Mentor


Dr. Hobbs and Susan Harre, MSN, RNUF Health Nursing & Rehabilitation

1st: Elopement Prevention in the Psych Hospital

  • Susan Harre, MSN, RN
  • Kelly Branham, MBA, MHA
  • Jacqueline Hobbs, MD, PhD
  • Richard Holbert, MD
  • Holly Wojcik, BSN, RN
  • Renee Bates, BSN, RN
  • Ashley Reynolds, BSN, RN
  • Mitchell Hall, MBA
  • Roxane Harcourt, LCSW, LMFT
  • Josue Ortiz, BSN, RN
  • Jennifer Wiggins, BSN, RN
  • Lisa Faga, BSN, RN
  • Barbara Wear, BSN, RN
  • Adele Erving, BSN, RN
  • Jacqueline Cook, MSN, RN
  • Candy Cedar, Support Tech

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1st Place QI Day
1st Place – Team 3
2nd Place QI Day
2nd Place – Team 6
3rd Place QI Day
3rd Place – Team 5
Child Fellows QI Day
1st Place Child – Team 2
Dr. Hobbs and Susan Harre, MSN, RN
1st Place – Nursing & Rehabilitation
2018 QI Day
Ashley Bindshedler, DO
2018 QI Day
Natasha Clark, MD
2018 QI Day
2018 QI Day
Hina Smith, MD & Crystal Wilson, MD
2018 QI Day
Jonathan Browning, MD & Yarelis Soto, MD
2018 QI Day
Team 6
2018 QI Day
Team 2
2018 QI Day
Drs. Epstein, Ong, & Leal
2018 QI Day
Team 4
2018 QI Day
Team 2 Child Psychiatry
2018 QI Day
2018 QI Day
Daniel Pietras, MD & Elizabeth Ahn, MD