8th Annual Psychiatry QI Day

Published: April 18th, 2018

By: Melinda Fawcett

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Wednesday, April 18th the Department of Psychiatry held their 8th Annual Psychiatry Quality Improvement Day at UF Health Shands Psychiatric Hospital. Residents and Fellows participated in a poster session where each team presented to Department of Psychiatry and UF Health faculty and staff. The winners were announce at a reception immediately following the voting period.

View all team posters here – 2018 QI Posters

General Psychiatry

1st Place QI Day1st: Effects of Implementing EMR’s for Emergency Treatment Orders

  • Natasha Clark, MD, PGY-4
  • Jaison Nainaparampil, MD, PGY-3
  • Ashley Bindshedler, DO, PGY-2
  • Danielle Epstein, DO, PGY-2
  • Phuong Tam Nguyen, MD, PGY-2
  • Casey Lowrey, MD, PGY-1
  • Richard Holbert, MD, Faculty Mentor


2nd Place QI Day2nd: Educating Psychiatrists on QTc Calculation using an Online Model

  • Ahmed Qureshi, MD, PGY-4
  • Eric Downes, MD, PGY-3
  • Matthew Harnach, MD, PGY-2
  • Tian Sui, MD, PGY-1
  • Henry Teaford, MD, PGY-1
  • Richard Holbert, MD, Faculty Mentor


3rd Place QI Day3rd: Improving Medical Student Access to Psychiatry

  • Daniel Pietras, MD, PGY-4
  • Sheldon Brown, MD, PGY-3
  • Nicholas Martinez, MD, PGY-2
  • Elizabeth Soyeon Ahn, MD, PGY-1
  • Stephanie Garayalde, MD, PGY-1
  • Herbert Ward, MD, Faculty Mentor


Child Fellows QI Day

Child Psychiatry

1st: The Psychiatric Assessment of Preschool Age Children

  • Elyse Huey, MD, Child Fellow
  • Avjola Hoxha, MD, Child Fellow
  • Mariam Rahmani, MD, Faculty Mentor
  • Nikhil Rao, MD, Faculty Mentor


Dr. Hobbs and Susan Harre, MSN, RNUF Health Nursing & Rehabilitation

1st: Elopement Prevention in the Psych Hospital

  • Susan Harre, MSN, RN
  • Kelly Branham, MBA, MHA
  • Jacqueline Hobbs, MD, PhD
  • Richard Holbert, MD
  • Holly Wojcik, BSN, RN
  • Renee Bates, BSN, RN
  • Ashley Reynolds, BSN, RN
  • Mitchell Hall, MBA
  • Roxane Harcourt, LCSW, LMFT
  • Josue Ortiz, BSN, RN
  • Jennifer Wiggins, BSN, RN
  • Lisa Faga, BSN, RN
  • Barbara Wear, BSN, RN
  • Adele Erving, BSN, RN
  • Jacqueline Cook, MSN, RN
  • Candy Cedar, Support Tech

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