2017 Fall Walking Challenge

Let's get Fiscal Walking Challenge Group PhotoTeam Members were asked to name one thing they enjoyed the most about being part of the Fall Walking Challenge:

Team: Let’s Get Fiscal

Robyn Nelson –  I like the memes that Kelli sends out!! I don’t get the benefit of walking with a group but I’m sure that is a super huge bonus. I think everyone on our team rocks!!!

Thomas Zych –  It’s not as HOT in the fall 🙂

Shaye Lankford – I like knowing that I’m definitely the most in shape in the office. 😉

Sammi LeClair– Our captain is very positive and energetic! She motivates us for our daily walks and our weekly goals!

Tovah Lawrence – I like the upbeat positive support that our team gives each other. It’s great to have my co-workers help motive and challenge me to do and be my best!


Let's Get Fiscal's tally for the 4 week Fall Walking Challenge
Let’s Get Fiscal’s tally for the 4 week Fall Walking Challenge

Debra Krawczykiewicz – I enjoyed the time outside and the sense of a stronger connection developing for those of coworkers in the group.

Kelli Gatti – I love seeing my team members smiling when we walk or they reach a goal.

Jessica Sanders – My favorite thing was seeing what funny pics you were going to send us! Hilarious!!!

Nicole Bristow – I really enjoyed that this challenge sparked my competitive side to hit the 70K steps each week!

Marika Brigham – I really liked that the team would work together and have fun on the walks -also the team leader motivated us with funny pictures and sayings that were so right on!! Great job Kelli!!


A Bunch of Winey WomenTeam: A Bunch of Winey Women

Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs – Knowing your team is counting on you keeps me highly motivated. I love to walk!

Britany Griffin – Being captain has been great. I really enjoy motivating our team each week!

Susan Nobles – Britany is a great team captain!  She keeps us motivated.


Debra Walking Challenge Winner
Debra’s winning entry for the Ninja-Mini Challenge

Nature Ninja Mini-Challenge Winner – Debra Krawczykiewicz

How do you play? Take a selfie at one of Gainesville’s many nature preserves or walking trails, or your favorite outdoor walking path.

Favorite walking location: 13th Street ‘DNA’ bridge