Dr. Bruijnzeel speaks at DEA Lecture Series

Published: October 9th, 2017

By: Melinda Fawcett

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Dr. Bruijnzeel speaking at DEA

Dr. Bruijnzeel speaking at the DEA Lecture Series at the DEA Museum in Washington, DC

On October 5th, Adriaan Bruijnzeel, PhD spoke at the DEA Lecture Series in Washington, D.C. The title of the series presentation was “A New Look at Old and Not so Old Drugs: Marijuana”. Dr. Bruijnzeel’s talk was titled “Original brain studies prove second hand Marijuana, like tobacco smoke, is addicting”.

Dr. Bruijnzeel was joined by Harvard Professor, Bertha Madras, PhD and Arpana Agrawal, PhD, Psychiatric Genetics Consortium and Associate Professor at Washington University School of Medicine. The panel was moderated by Robert DuPont, MD; the Founding Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse and form Drug Czar under former Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

The DEA Museum, with the support of the DEA Educational Foundation, hosts a monthly lecture series each Spring and Fall. This unique program features a variety of speakers from the past and present ranks of the Drug Enforcement Administration as well as guest speakers from a variety of organizations and backgrounds.


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