UF helps with Puerto Rico donations

Published: October 1st, 2017

By: Melinda Fawcett

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I want to say thank you to everyone who helped in our efforts to get supplies to Puerto Rico. I finally made it to Orlando yesterday around 1pm. I received more than I expected so I was pleased with the turn of supplies. My kitchen and living room got filled with water and supplies. In Orlando they were very appreciative of everything. It was a busy week but very worth it. Attached are some pictures of the truck and the supplies. We got 46 cases of bottled water, and 16 gallons of water. Also many cans of food (too many to count), cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, and other miscellaneous items. Glad that we could help those in need and I can’t thank everyone enough for their donations.

-Luis Colón-Pérez, PhD


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