Chief Appreciation & Awards Day

The annual Chief Appreciation and Awards Day was held Friday, June 16th following the PGY-4 Grand Rounds, “The Sex Talk” at the McKnight Brain Institute. Several of the residents and faculty were present to recognize the out-going chiefs and celebrate the accomplishments of the past year. A complete list of the award recipients are below.

Gary Kanter, MD

Carlos E. Muniz, MD Mentor Award

  • Gary Kanter, MD

William “Buck” Ruffin, MD Best Teacher Award

  • Louis Solomon, MD

John E. Adams Memorial Academic Achievement Awards

PGY-4 – Laura Rodriguez-Roman, MD
  • Jennifer Davis, MD
    PGY-3 – Jennifer Davis, MD
    Eric Downes, MD
    PGY-2 – Eric Downes, MD

    Jonathan Browning, MD
    PGY-1 – Jonathan Browning, MD

Chief Residents in General Psychiatry

Christopher Ong, MD
Christopher Ong, MD
Krista Pinard, MD


Outpatient Chief Residents in Adult Psychiatry

  • Andrew Pierce, MD

    Daniel Witter, MD
    Daniel Witter, MD

Josepha A. Cheong, MD Medical Student Clinical Teacher Award

  • Christopher Ong, MD



Resident Supervisor Award

  • Gary Kanter, MD

CME Education Committee

  • Chair – Michael Shapiro, MD
  • Crystal Wilson, MD
  • Sheldon Brown, MD
  • Daniel Pietras, MD
  • Fei Chen, DO

Richard C. Christensen, MD Community Service Award

  • Wagdy Khalil, MD

    Christopher Ong, MD
    Christopher Ong, MD

John M. Kuldau, MD Research Award

  • Bruce Bassi, MD

    Daniel Witter, MD
    Daniel Witter, MD

Patient Care Award

Christopher Ong, MD
Christopher Ong, MD
Kathleen Burns, MD
Kathleen Burns, MD









Quality Improvement Team Project Awards


First Place Team
  • Hannah Morrissey, DO
  • Nicholas Martinez, MD
  • Natasha Clark, MD
  • Ahmed Qureshi, MD
  • Camilo Leal, MD
  • Christopher Ong, MD
  • Faculty Mentors: Herbert Ward, MD and Gary Kanter, MD
Second Place Team
  • Jessica Khan, MD
  • Matthew Harnach, MD
  • Brett Flanagan, MD
  • Avjola Hoxa, MD
  • Yarelis Guzman-Quinones, MD
  • Daniel Pietras,MD
  • Laura Rodriguez-Ramon, MD
  • Faculty Mentor: Lisa Merlo-Greene, PhD
Third Place Team
  • Joshua Proemsey, MD
  • Susan (Zhong) Ye-Bates, MD
  • Kathleen Burns, MD
  • Eric Downes, MD
  • Bruce Bassi, MD
  • Krista Pinard, MD
  • Joshua Lotfallah, MD
  • Faculty Mentor: Uma Suryadevara, MD