APA Annual Meeting 2017

Another successful APA Annual Meeting on the books. This year the UF Department of Psychiatry sent 17 Faculty members, 18 Residents, and two staff members to the APA Annual Meeting held at the San Diego Convention Center. The Department had 12 posters and 13 presentations at this year’s meeting.

Some of the presentations by our faculty and residents that drew a full house were:

Cyerbullyng Presentation APABullying and Harassment in the 21st Century: Prevalence, Screening and Psychiatric Consequences of Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

  • Christopher Ong, MD, Krista Pinard, MD, Yuliet Sanchez-Rivero, MD, and Laura Ginory, MD

Chief residents Chris Ong and Krista Pinard teamed up with child fellow Yuliet Sanchez-Rivero and attending Laura Mayol-Ginory to present their second APA workshop titled “Cyberbullying and Online Harassment Version 2.0: Update on Prevalence, Psychiatric Consequences, Screening, and Prevention.” Despite the early Monday morning time slot, our UF physicians spoke to a packed APA audience about the latest landmark cases, longitudinal studies, prevention strategies, and ever changing legislation related to electronic harassment. With the ever increasing media attention related to Cyberbullying as well as the psychiatric impact it has on both children and adults, our UF physicians look forward to part three of their ongoing lecture series at next year’s APA in New York City.


Standing Room Only at the Sleep PresentationSleep Disorders Primer for Residents: An Introduction to Evaluation and Management of Common Sleep Disorders.

  • Yarelis Soto, MD, Richard Holbert, MD, Khurshid Khurshid, MD, and Gary Reisfield, MD
  • Third year psychiatry resident Yarelis Soto, MD in collaboration with attendings Khurshid Khurshid, Richard Holbert, and Gary Reisfield hosted a workshop at this year’s APA meeting in San Diego, CA titled “Sleep Disorders Primer: An Introduction to Evaluation and Management of Common Sleep Disorders”. The group spoke to a full capacity crowd on Tuesday May 23rd,2017.  Topics discussed included sleep disorders as characterized by DSM-5 and specify the correlation between sleep disorders, sleep symptoms and psychiatric disorders with focus on depressive disorders, bipolar and related disorders, schizophrenia spectrum disorders and substance use disorders. With the increased interest in understanding sleep disorders in psychiatric disorders, the UF team awaits eagerly to share an updated version of the workshop at next year’s APA meeting.



Dr. Cooke - Boundry Violations in Correctional SettingsBoundary Violations in Correctional Settings

  • Brian Cooke, MD

On May 22 at the APA Annual Meeting, Dr. Brian Cooke joined a panel of forensic colleagues from across the globe (Tampa, Lake Mary, Boston, Pittsburgh, and New Zealand) to present, “Boundary Violations in Correctional Settings.” The speakers addressed a variety of topics including historic research on guards and prisoners, the dangerous relationships that sometimes are formed in this setting, gender issues in corrections, and the potential role of subspecialty training in corrections. Dr. Cooke provided background information about the nature of boundary violations and boundary crossings, and he reviewed the challenges and opportunities to teaching these concepts in medical school and residency.





Quality and Safety PresentationA Culture of Safety in Psychiatric Practice and Training: What it is, why it is Important and How to Create it.

  • Regina Bussing, MD
  • Jennifer Davis, DO
  • Jacqueline Hobbs, MD, PhD, DFAPA
  • Richard Holbert, MD
  • Yarelis Guzman-Quinones, MD
  • Herbert Ward, MD


APA Neuromodulation PresentionNeuromodulation Primer for Residents: An Introduction to ECT, DBS, TMS, tDCS, and MST

  • Khurshid Khurshid, MD
  • Richard Holbert, MD
  • Robert Averbuch, MD
  • Kathleen Burns, MD
  • Sheldon Brown, MD


Resident Posters:
  • Andrew Pierce, MD
    Andrew Pierce, MD presents his poster at APA
    Clinical Burnout: An Evaluation of Burnout Among Psychiatry Residents During the Longitudinal Outpatient Year of Training.
    • Andrew Pierce, MD
  • Olanzapine for Intractable Nausea and Vomiting Associated With Major Depression.
    • Christopher Ong, MD
  • LGBTQ Topics in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Training: Implementing a Formal Curriculum to Improve Fellow Confidence and Knowledge Base.
    • Wesley Hill, MD
  • Child Psychiatry Movie Night: Faculty and Fellow Perceptions.
    • Christopher Ong, MD with his poster at the APA
      Christopher Ong, MD with his poster at APA

      Wesley Hill, MD

  • Mania Secondary to Venlafaxine Discontinuation.
    • Laura Rodriguez-Roman, MD
  • A Case Report: A Case of Prolonged Idiopathic Catatonia Lasting Over Two Years.
    • Bruce Bassi, MD
  • Recurrent Episodes of Quetiapine-Induced Acute Pancreatitis.
    • Fei Chen, MD
  • Polypharmacy-induced psychosis and pseudodementia in a former high-functioning patient with Parkinson disease.
    • Wesley Hill, MD and Jacqueline Hobbs, MD
      Wesley Hill, MD and Jacqueline Hobbs, MD at the APA Poster Session

      Daniel Pietras, MD

  • Xerostomia Causing Dental Extractions on a Patient Treated With Sertraline,
    • Natasha Clark, MD; Avjola Hoxa, MD; Mahdi Razafsha, MD
  • Family Therapy Provided by Child Fellows on the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit.
    • Anand Patel, MD










Check out all the photos from the 2017 APA Annual Meeting in our gallery:

Dr. Cooke - Boundry Violations in Correctional Settings
Dr. Bussing and Dr. Creelman take a break in between sessions
Standing Room Only at the Sleep Presentation
Sleep Disorders Presentation
Dr. Cheong posing with the APA sign
Christopher Ong, MD with his poster at the APA
Christopher Ong, MD with his poster at the APA
Andrew Pierce, MD
Andrew Pierce, MD presents his poster at APA
Wesley Hill, MD and Jacqueline Hobbs, MD
APA Neuromodulation Presention
Dr. Holbert and Leal during at dinner at the APA
Priscilla Spence and Dr. Bussing at the APA Annual Meeting
Dr. Cheong at the Annual APA Meeting
Dr. Regina Bussing and Dr. Jurgen Untuzer at APA
Priscilla Spence and Dr. Katrina Kise at the UF booth at APA
Josepha Cheong, MD at the APA Annual Dinner
APA Contest Winners