UF Health Pain Medicine Nurses quick response save patient

Heather Lambert and Dwight Roberts
UF Health Pain Medicine nurses Heather Lambert and Dwight Roberts

Department of Psychiatry, Pain Medicine Nurses Heather Lambert and Dwight Roberts are being recognized for their quick response time assisting a patient at the UF Health Springhill Medical Clinic.

On Wednesday, March 15th a patient arrived at valet with chest pains. Timothy Tattersall with Guest Services describes the sequence of events in an email to the Department of Psychiatry’s Pain Medicine Clinic Manager:

“Around 2:15 pm we had a young woman present herself to the valet staff with chest/abdomen pains along with shortness of breath.  I called 911 and had the young woman sit down.  The 911 dispatcher asked if we could give the young woman some Aspirin.   I asked Thomas to locate some Aspirin, so he started to call the clinics in this building for assistance without any luck. No luck that is until he called your staff.   Heather and Dwight came right down with a BP, AED machine and some Aspirin.  They were very kind to the women and were very comforting while giving her the Aspirin and taking her vital signs.  They also got some blankets for her, as she was outside in the cold, and stayed with her until EMS arrived.   It is heartwarming to know you have such caring staff and that they are willing to help in any situation.   So please pass on our gratitude and our praise of their actions.”

– Timothy Tattersall, UF Health Security Officer/ Guest Services Specialist


Thank you Heather and Dwight for jumping in and going above and beyond for our patients. Your quick response and medical care saved this patient’s life and I am thankful to have you both on our team!

-Elise Martin, Clinic Manager, UF Health at Springhill Psychiatry & Pain Medicine