UF Addiction Medicine Fellowship prepares fellows for board exam

newFRC-signThe UF Addiction Medicine Fellowship program received some positive feedback last week from Terri Silver, MA the Chief Credentialing Officer for the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM). ABAM is the nation’s first medical specialty board that certifies addiction medicine physicians across a range of medical specialties. The board sets standards for physician education, assesses physicians’ knowledge and requires and tracks life-long education.

Silver wrote “I had the opportunity to speak with many candidates who are to take the ABAM Certification Exam in October. Many mentioned you and the role you played in getting them to this juncture.” She wrote, Scott Teitelbaum, MD “to thank you for having brought these candidates to the process of certification. Many of them expressed gratitude for the large role you played in helping them get to this point and I wanted to share that sentiment with you.”

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