2015 Department of Psychiatry Staff Retreat

Friday, July 10, 2015 we held our Department of Psychiatry Annual Staff Retreat at UF’s Lake Wauburg facility in Micanopy. This was a great opportunity for new and existing staff members to meet and get to know each other  through a variety of team building exercises that taught us about our strengths as team players within our department and how we can effectively put those skills to use in our workplace environment.

Fantastic4Plus1 certificate of appreciation JillsAngels certificate of appreciation POESIDONcertificate of appreciation SizzlingPsych certificate of appreciation 3HensaChick certificate of appreciation


Team: Sizzlin’ Psych! Superlative: No one left behind
Team: Three Hens and a Chick Superlative: Collaboration
Team: Fantastic Four Plus One Superlative: Steadfast
Team: Jill’s Angels Superlative: Intense
Team: Poseidon Superlative: Strategy and Helping Hands