5th Annual Quality Improvement Day

We had a wonderful 5th Annual QI Day on Friday, April 24, 2015. I was once again very impressed with the presentations, the topics, and the amount of work and effort. I really feel these topics touch on important hospital patient safety and quality goals. In addition, the depth of the projects and use of data-driven strategies, and the number of IRB-approved studies were at a greater level this year. Thanks to all the residents and faculty who worked so hard. – Jacqueline A. Hobbs, MD, PhD, DFAPA

Though all teams did very well, 4 teams garnered the top scores from judges:

1st Place: Team 3

Topic: “Assessment and Mitigation of Risk Factors for Falls on Inpatient Psychiatric Units”

Team Members: Krista Pinard, Crystal Wilson, Melinda Hansen (team leader), Rakesh Amin

Faculty Mentors: Uma Suryadevara, MD, and Donna Giles, PhD

Team 3 – Melinda Hansen, Crystal Wilson, Rakesh Amin, and Krista Pinard














2nd Place: Team 5

Topic: Resident Depression at the University of Florida”

Team Members: Elizabeth Stein, Laura Rodriguez-Roman, Michelle Chaney (team leader), Anand Patel

Faculty Mentor: Lisa Merlo, PhD

Anand Patel, Michelle Chaney, Laura Rodriguez-Roman











3rd Place: Teams 6 and 7

Topic (Team 6): “Metabolic Monitoring of Patients on Antipsychotic Medication”

Team Members: Avjola Hoxja, Laura Tait, Yuliet Sanchez-Rivero, Mahdi Razafsha (team leader)

Faculty Mentor: Stephen Welch, MD, Rajiv Tandon, MD, Jacqueline A. Hobbs, MD, PhD


Topic (Team 7): “To Retrospectively Determine if Long Acting Antipsychotics Decrease Readmission Rates Over a 2 Year Period”

Team Members: Elyse Huey, Nathaniel Seck, Sarah Diekman, Jordan Brown (team leader)

Faculty Mentor: Richard Holbert, MD


Other projects presented:

Team 1

Topic: “Patient Handoffs at the UF Health Psychiatric Hospital”

Team Members: Sarah Bolis, Andrew Pierce, Wesley Hill, San Chang, Vik Vaka

Faculty Mentor: Jacqueline A. Hobbs, MD, PhD


Team 2

Topic: Eating Disorders: Improving Diagnosis at the AOPC”

Team Members: Ahmed Qureshi, Natasha Clark, Stacy-Ann Binns-Brown, Marc Ettensohn, Joe Calleja

Faculty Mentor: Almari Ginory, DO


Team 4

Topic: “Resident Perception of Risk at UF Health Psychiatric Hospital”

Team Members: Jennifer Davis, Daniel Witter, Deepak Davidson, Adrienne Eisner

Faculty Mentors: Herb Ward, MD, Lisa Merlo, PhD


Team 8

Topic: “Emergency Treatment Order Use at the University of Florida Health and the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center”

Team Members: Yarelis Guzman-Quinones, Camilo Leal, Christopher Ong, Anu Mathur

Faculty Mentor: Almari Ginory, DO