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Message from the Child & Adolescent Program Director

Kimberly White, MD

Kimberly White, M.D.

Our UF Child and Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship training program offers an array of experiences across multiple treatment settings designed to prepare our junior colleagues for a successful transition into independent clinical and/or research practice.

The training experience is strengthened by faculty diversity and balance. Our faculty represent many different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds; we have a cross-section of early and mid-career psychiatrists with the benefit of the cumulative wisdom and experience of more mature faculty members as well.

The faculty come from a variety of geographic backgrounds and practice experiences, blending academics with clinical experience outside the academic realm.

A particular strength is the faculty cohesion which celebrates diversity in a collaborative fashion toward the goals of excellence in training, research, and patient care. Our training site and opportunities span the systems of care in an era when these experiences are often truncated by budgetary limitations.

For example, Partners in Adolescent Lifestyle Support (PALS), a local school program, knits together prevention, early detection, and even aftercare post-hospitalization within selected schools in our area.

We have a strong inpatient unit that uses a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) informed model and has a true multidisciplinary team providing care for children and adolescents in our catchment area.

In particular, this is a unique opportunity given the preponderance of crisis stabilization models for inpatient care. Our program provides opportunities for local, regional, and national activities spanning the foster care system, juvenile justice, Medicaid psychotropic medication preapproval, professional organizations, scholarly activities, and advocacy activities.

Our educational program has a tradition of progressive autonomy throughout the fellowship in order to prepare for independent practice. The educational modalities include formal didactics, individual and group supervision, and directly supervised clinical care which progresses to clinical oversight upon demonstrating core competencies.

Each fellow has an opportunity to have supervision by a professional outside the Child Psychiatry Division to provide a more global perspective.

Fellows also function as teachers, as this is a key way to reinforce educational skills. Each faculty member provides a nuanced way of teaching, creating a multifaceted approach.

We employ a strong work ethic, but we also strongly value balance of our personal and professional lives. Finally, our Florida setting offers year round activities, an active sports program, and a rich cultural community.


Kimberly White, M.D.

Assistant Professor

Program Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Compliance Officer, Department of Psychiatry

Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry