Child & Adolescent Fellows

PGY – 5

Ali Canton, MDAli Canton, MD

Psychiatry Residency: University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine

Medical School: University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine

Undergraduate: University of Florida

Dr. Canton returned to his home state for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship, bringing along a Midwest/Southern mentality from Oklahoma. He is looking forward to his second year of fellowship where he is active in a variety of clinics. Although he did come to Gainesville for undergrad, he’s sure that he will get to know the Gainesville community as a whole this year.

Anand Patel, MDAnand Patel, MD

Psychiatry Residency: University of Florida, College of Medicine

Medical School: St. Matthews University School of Medicine

Undergraduate: University of Miami

Dr. Patel grew up in a small Central Florida town called Sebring. He has aspired to be a physician since he was young and has always had a passion for working with children. He now gets to do both, a dream come true.

Lalita Ramnaraine, MDLalita Ramnaraine, MD

Psychiatry Residency: University of Florida

Medical School: SUNY Downstate, Brooklyn, NY

Undergraduate: City College, Sophie Davis Program, NY



Nikhil Rao, MDNikhil Rao, MD, MSc

Psychiatry Residency: University of Missouri, Kansas City

Medical School: University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine

Masters Degree: University College London Bioanthropology

Undergraduate: Cornell University

I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick, from the philosophical to the biological and everything in between.  Psychiatry seemed like a great way to put that interest to use, and maybe do some good along the way.  After studying neurobiology in undergrad, I had the opportunity to learn about human evolution and primate behavior in graduate school.  This afforded me an eye-opening perspective on the forces that shaped us over the last few million years and how we are both similar and different from our primate relatives.  Also, I got to play with monkeys and call it ‘work’.

Psychiatry is one of the more flexible fields in medicine, and we have the freedom to take our skills in a variety of directions.  I’m hoping to maintain an academic affiliation, and plan to explore several interests of mine over the course of fellowship and early stages of my career.  I’m interested in psychotherapy as well as integrative approaches to individuals with complex medical and psychiatric issues.  The power of psychiatry is that even when we can’t make you better, we can help you deal with things better.  I’m looking forward to a fulfilling career doing just that for adolescents and young adults for as long as I’m able.

PGY – 4

Yusuf Ali, MDYusuf M. Ali, MD

Psychiatry Residency: Emory Adult Psychiatry Residency Program

Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

Undergraduate: Morgan State University

Yusuf joined our fellowship program via “fast-track” after completing 3 years of general psychiatry residency. As a native of Baltimore, Yusuf’s interest in Child Psychiatry sprouted in medical school (University of Maryland) where he was exposed to mentoring programs that targeted at-risk youth. While in residency, he was awarded a APA/SAMHSA fellowship to develop advocacy programs for underserved populations. Yusuf’s plan is to treat children and adolescents in a community mental health setting.


Wesley Hill, MDWesley Hill, MD

Psychiatry Residency: University of Florida

Medical School: University of South Florida

Undergraduate: University of Florida

I was born and raised in South Florida, so I have lots of fond childhood memories around the beach and ocean. I have two Dashchunds (Fritz and Wally), and a Tortoise named Filbert. I generally love all animals and enjoy spending time in nature. Gainesville is a great place for anything outdoors, such as hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, etc. I initially went to medical school thinking I’d go into surgery, but felt much more at home with psychiatry. I think the best part of my job is getting to advocate for the little ones, and helping to improve quality of life for families.

Yuliet Sanchez, MDYuliet Sanchez-Rivero, MD

Psychiatry Residency: University of Florida

Medical School: University of Puerto Rico

Undergraduate: University of Puerto Rico

Dr. Sanchez-Rivero was born in Cuba and raised in Puerto Rico. She moved to Gainesville in 2012 for psychiatry residency at the University of Florida. Her areas of clinical interest are depression, anxiety disorders, and OCD. She has been invloved in such scholarly activities as poster presentations at the American Psychiatric Association in 2014 (Toxic vasculitis induced by spice) and 2015 (Psychiatric presentation of Hashimoto’s encephalitis) and oral presentation at the American Academy for Geriatric Psychiatry in 2015 (Opioid use disorder and pain in the elderly). She enjoys traveling and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds.