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MDU 4004 – Physician Shadowing

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer C
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: I. Minimum 3.3 GPA after 30 UF credits
II. MDU 4003 with a grade of “A”
Syllabus: Spring 2015 Physician Shadowing MDU4004 Syllabus
Professor: Mike Shapiro, M.D., Almari Ginory, D.O.
Coordinator: Adam Reid, M.S.
Registration: By application & acceptance only Spring 2015 Application for Summer MDU 4004


Building on the knowledge learned in MDU 4003 (formerly MEL 4011), and MDU 4004 (formerly MEL 4012) allows each student to shadow a doctor in various fields of medicine, such as psychiatry, OGBYN, surgery, etc. Students will be a behind the scenes look at what a day in the life of a practicing doctor entails. This class is a great CV builder and a way to get great hands-on experience in the medical profession as an undergraduate. Student’s grades are based on a few essays and quizzes, as well as a “professionalism” grade rated by the doctor being shadowed. Students who have completed/are in the process of completing MDU 4003 must submit an application to be accepted into MDU 4004. After completing 4003 and 4004, students will have the opportunity to become a volunteer TA for the MEL classes and subsequently earn a letter of recommendation.

 To start course: This course is now offered in Canvas. In order to access this course, please go to and click “e-learning in Canvas.” Please log in with your Gatorlink and password. Your courses should be listed on the top of the screen when you click on “Courses.”