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MDU 4004 – Physician Shadowing

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer C
Credits: 3
Prerequisites: I. Minimum 3.3 GPA after 30 UF credits
II. MDU 4004 with a grade of “A”
Syllabus:  Spring 2014 Physician Shadowing MDU4004 Syllabus
Professor: Joseph McNamara, PhD
Coordinator: Adam Reid
Registration: By application & acceptance only Spring 2014 Application for Summer MDU 4004
Email: Adam Reid:
Phone: 352-265-8872


Building on the knowledge learned in MDU 4003 (formerly MEL 4011), and MDU 4004 (formerly MEL 4012) allows each student to shadow a doctor in various fields of medicine, such as psychiatry, OGBYN, surgery, etc. Students will be a behind the scenes look at what a day in the life of a practicing doctor entails. This class is a great CV builder and a way to get great hands-on experience in the medical profession as an undergraduate. Student’s grades are based on a few essays and quizzes, as well as a “professionalism” grade rated by the doctor being shadowed. Students who have completed/are in the process of completing MDU 4003 must submit an application to be accepted into MDU 4004. After completing 4003 and 4004, students will have the opportunity to become a volunteer TA for the MEL classes and subsequently earn a letter of recommendation.