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Archived Addiction Medicine Lectures

Archived Addiction Medicine Lectures are not for CME credit.

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“The role of sustainable attention and emotional regulation in the “Doctor-Patient” relationship”

July 20, 2015

Dr. Kelly Brady

Acupuncture Physician – Dr. Oriental Medicine / Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)




Dr Michel Sucher

Monitoring for Relapse in Addicted Health Care Professionals

November 12, 2014

Michel A. Sucher, MD FASAM

Medical Director, Arizona Medical Board Physicians Health Program

Medical Director, California Physicians Health Program

Medical Director, Community Bridges, Inc. Mesa, Arizona





ADHD Unplugged: Dysregulated Reward, Attention and Impulse Control Circuitry

October 1, 2014

Richard E. D’Alli, MD, MEd, ScM

Associate Professor of psychiatry and Pediatrics, Duke University Medical Center

Chief of the Division of Child Development and Behavioral Health Clinic

Co-director of the pediatric psychiatry Consultation-Liaison service, Duke Children’s Hospital

Supervisor of the Duke Hospital Emergency Department child psychiatry service





Comprehensive Holistic Therapeutics to Reward Deficiency Syndrome(RDS):Neuroscience Evidence Based Modalities

June 18, 2014

John Giordano, CAP, MAC, DHL

Former President and Founder of G & G Holistic Treatment Inc., North Miami, Florida







Public Health Outbreaks – Recent Emergency Department Experiences with Designer Drugs of Abuse

June 11, 2014

J. Adrian Tyndall, MD, MPH

Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine, College of Medicine University of Florida

Chief of Emergency Services, UF Health






Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs: Effects on Fertility

May 21, 2014

R.Stan Williams, MD

Harry Prystowsky Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Chairman, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Florida





Current Pharmacotherapy of Obesity in the Backdrop of Debates of Addiction Model for Eating Behavior

April 30, 2014

Kishore Gadde, MD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Associate Professor in Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine







Healing Trauma

April 16, 2014

Phil Diaz, MSW

Executive Director of the Harrigan Foundation at Palm Partners Treatment Center in Delray Beach, Florida

He has a private practice specializing in the treatment of addiction and trauma at Lifescape Solutions in Delray, Florida.




Ritz, Louis

Meditation: For our Health and Wellness

March 19, 2014

Louis Ritz, PhD

Dept of Neuroscience, University of Florida College of Medicine

Elizabeth Wood Dunlevie Honors Term Professor








Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Methods for Treating Addictions: Moving Beyond Olds and Milner

March 12, 2014

Mark Stork George, MD

Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, Radiology and Neurosciences

Medical University of South Carolina








Overcoming the Loss of a Leg: My Path To Recovery

February 19, 2014

Frederick Southwick, M.D.

Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, University of Florida College of Medicine


Losing My Leg to a Medical Error –





Adrian Blotner, MD Associate Professor

DDx of Addiction with Chronic Pain: Effective Treatment Options

February 5, 2014

Adrian Blotner, M.D., FAPA

Neuro-Behavioral Pain Medicine

Board Certified, Pain Medicine & Psychiatry








Obesity Crisis in Florida

January 29, 2014

Kfir Ben-David, M.D.

Assistant professor of surgery in the Division of General Surgery and Director of Bariatric Surgery, University of Florida College of Medicine

Service Chief of the MIS, Gastroesophageal and Bariatric Service

University of Florida Bariatric and MIS Fellowship Director

Associate Program Director of the General Surgery Residency