Women’s Advantage Seminar: Addiction’s impact on families and comprehensive pain management

Published: April 16th, 2015

By: Melinda Fawcett

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Adrian Blotner, MD Associate Professor

Adrian Blotner, MD

Adrian Blotner, M.D. F.A.P.A., Medical Director and Division Chief for Adult Pain Medicine at the University of Florida College of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry spoke at the UF Health Women’s Advantage Seminar at the Paramount  Plaza Hotel in Gainesville. Dr. Blotner is double board certified in pain medicine and psychiatry, and a nationally recognized expert in the management of chronic pain disorders, as well as the sleep, anxiety and mood disorder symptoms that commonly occur as a consequence of chronic pain. Today he spoke on Comprehensive pain medicine: A new approach to managing chronic pain. He was joined by Amber Tucker, M.S., I.M.T a family therapist at the UF Health Florida Recovery Center. She spoke on the impact of addiction on families.

Amber Tucker, MS, IMT

Amber Tucker, MS, IMT

The UF Health Women’s Advantage Program offers free support to women who want to have a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Their health seminars are for women of all ages and cover topics such as heart disease, exercise, breast cancer, depression, weight loss, osteoporosis, bladder and bowel disorders and more. To apply to become a member of the Women’s Advantage Program or register and see upcoming community events please visit their website at https://ufhealth.org/womens-advantage


Dr. Blotner speaks to the Women's Advantage Program members at the Paramount Plaza Hotel

Dr. Blotner speaks to the Women’s Advantage Program members at the Paramount Plaza Hotel

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